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Start date:13/01/2020

End date:18/02/2020

Venue:KVK Kollam

Objective:Impart skill in nursery management activities to rural youth.



Start date:22/02/2020

End date:22/02/2020

Venue:Kareepra Krishi Bhavan

Objective:To equip the  community to produce healthy agriculture products for food and nutrition security.


Training on Kubota Transplanter

Start date:09/06/2020

End date:09/06/2020


Objective:To equip  and train the women farmers in operation of Kubota transplanter.

Online Class on Biological Options for pest Management

Date: 06/08/2020

Objective: To train the farmers about biological options for pest management.

About the event: Class handled by Dr. Lekha.M (SMS, Plant Protection). About 19 farmers attend the class.

Online Class on Pest and Disease Management in Rice

Date: 06/08/2020

Objective: Train the farmers on  pest and disease management in rice.

About the event: Class handled by Dr. Lekha.M (SMS, Plant Protection). About 30 farmers from Perinad are attend the class.

Start date:27/01/2020

End date:31/01/2020


Objective:To impart Skill in operation and maintenance of tractor

Start date:13/01/2020

End date:13/01/2020

Venue:Anayadi ,Sooranad

Objective:Equip  the PKVY  Farmers in Organic  farming.

Start date:25/01/2020

End date:25/01/2020

Venue:Injakkadu karshika vipani

Objective: Scientific management of problems facing by dairy farmers.








Start date:20/02/2020

End date:20/02/2020

Venue:Nallila veterinary dispensary

Objective:To create awareness of mastitis and scientific practices of cattle rearing among diary farmers.


Start date:25/01/2020

End date:25/01/2020

Venue:KVK , Kollam

Objective:To equip twenty five  women in the family for setting up nutrition garden.


 Vocational Training on Value Addition of Tapioca And Jackfruit

Start Date:11/02/2020

End Date :15/02/2020

Objective:To equip farmers and women entrepreneurs with  training on value addition of tapioca and Jack fruit .

Value Addition of Tapioca



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