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Start date:13/01/2020

End date:18/02/2020

Venue:KVK Kollam

Objective:Impart skill in nursery management activities to rural youth.



Start date:22/02/2020

End date:22/02/2020

Venue:Kareepra Krishi Bhavan

Objective:To equip the  community to produce healthy agriculture products for food and nutrition security.


Training on Operation , Repair and  Maintenance of  Farm Mechinery (Karmasena -Kodumon)

Start date:18/03/2021

End date: 24/03/2021

Venue:KVK, Kollam

Objective:To equip the technicians of Karshika Karmasena ( Kodumon  Krishibhavan) on  operation and maintenance of different farm machineries.

ICAR-CIFT mini processing lab under SCSP programme training cum demonstration

Start date:28/09/2020

End date:29/09/2020

Venue:KVK, Kollam

Objective: To equip schedule cast women in fish processing to establish fish based enterprises.

About the Event:Classs handeld  by Dr.Shamdiya A H(Assistant Professor ,Home Science). About 20 SC Youth and women attend the training.

ICAR-CIFT mini processing lab under SCSP programme training cum demonstration

Start date:30/09/2020

End date:01/10/2020

Venue:KVK, Kollam

Training on Operation and Maintenance of Tractor

Start date:03/09/2020

End date:09/09/2020


Objective:To impart Skill in operation and maintenance of tractor

Start date:13/01/2020

End date:13/01/2020

Venue:Anayadi ,Sooranad

Objective:Equip  the PKVY  Farmers in Organic  farming.

Start date:20/02/2020

End date:20/02/2020

Venue:Nallila veterinary dispensary

Objective:To create awareness of mastitis and scientific practices of cattle rearing among diary farmers.


Start date:25/01/2020

End date:25/01/2020

Venue:KVK , Kollam

Objective:To equip twenty five  women in the family for setting up nutrition garden.


Vocational training on value addition of vegetables for maximizing income

Start Date: 29/01/2021

End Sate : 02/02/2021

Objective:To train farmers about value addition of vegetables for maximizing income.

About the event: Class handled by Smt.Shamsiya A.H (SMS, Home Science ).About 8 participants.

Training on Value Addition of Mushroom

Start Date: 25/08/2020

End Sate : 26/08/2020

Objective:To equip the mushroom growers on value addition for maximizing income.

SCSP Programme- Training on Apiculture

Start Date:29/03/2021

Objective:To provide training on  Apiculture.

About the event: A  total of 6 participants attend the programme.

SCSP Programme- Training on coconut tree climbing and brush cutter

Start Date:25/03/2021

End Date:30/03/2021

Objective:To train the trainees on coconut tree climbing and brush cutter.

About the event: A total of 8 participants.

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