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On Farm Trials

OFT 2022-23 Assessment of high yielding varieties of black gram in Kollam district      

Name of farmer: Sheela Shankar , Sujesh pattazhi  

SMS in charge: Neeraja (Agronomy)

Date of field visit: 15-11-23

Stage of crop -flowering   stage of crop-flowering 

stage harvesting 

Distribution of seeds and inputs as part of On farm trial 2023- on Assessment of finger millet varieties in kollam district. SMS in charge: Neeraja C R (Agronomy) Date of visit: 13-09-2023 Place of trial: Velamanoor

OFT on Assessment of high yielding varieties of black gram in Kollam district

SMS in charge: Neeraja C R (Agronomy)


On Farm Testing

Several location specific trials of approved technologies were conducted by KVK, Kollam on paddy, vegetables, banana, coconut, pepper and mushroom etc. The technologies assessed over the period included management practices, INM, integration of eco friendly techniques such as traps with the conventional practices and varietal  trials. The proven technologies were then carried over as Frontline Demonstrations. In 82 technologies were assessed /refined and 592 trials were conducted over the years.

OFT 2023-24

S,No Crop Title  No.of trials 
1 Green gram Assessment of high yielding green gram varieties 7
2 Finger Millet Assessment of Finger millet varieties 7
3 Brinjal Assessment of Brinjal (Solanum melongena L.)  varieties 6
4 Yard long bean Assessment of management practices against fusarium wilt of yard long bean 7
5 Bhindi Varietal Assessmentfor Yellow Vein mosaic disease resistance in Bhindi 7
    Total  34