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Front Line Demonstration

Field Visit -23/11/2023( East Kallada,Mampuzha)

FLD - Demonstration on Growth performance of Gramasree male Cockerel as Broiler source in Kollam District (2023-24)

Body weight assessment - 3 rd week (21 days)

Dr.Parvathy S. (Animal Husbandry)

FLD 2023-24 Demonstration of Cassava Micronol for correction of nutrient deficiency  SMS in charge: Neeraja C R (Agronomy) Field visit: 15-11-2023

Three months after planting 

crop- Cassava 

FLD - Popularization of Bajra Napier KAU fodder variety Susthira for production performance in Dairy cattle (2023-24)

Field Visit- Dr.Parvathy S. (Animal Husbandry)

( Popularization of Susthira Fodder in Pattazhy Vadakkekara Panchayat.

Area of Cultivation - 1 acre

Field visit on progress of FLD entitled “Demonstration on Integrated Crop Management ib Banana Var. Nendran in Kollam district”.

Dr. Saroj Kumar V

Asst. Prof. (Horticulture) KVK, Kollam

Date: 08.09.2023

FLD 2023-24- Application of CTCRI certified Micronol cassava for the correction of nutrient deficiency

Smt.Neeraja .C.R 

Assistant professor ,Agronomy

KVK Kollam 


Front Line Demonstrations

Two thousand four hundred and ninteen demonstrations of 135 technologies were conducted during the period of 1997-2016. The technologies  demonstrated on the farmer’s field were  proven technologies suitable for the region. The crops included for the demonstrations were paddy, banana, perennial crops such as coconut, mango, pepper and vegetables such as amaranthus, cowpea, bitter gourd, bhindi, chilli etc. 

FLDs 2023-24:

Sl.no Crop/ Enterprise Title of FLD No.of Demo.


Demonstration of CTCRI certified Micronol Cassava special for the correction of nutrient deficiency in cassava. (SAC Recommendation)

2 Sesamum

 foliar application of N fertilizers in sesame 

3 Brinjal Brinjal (Solanum melongena L.)  variety Kashi Taru 6
4 Gladiolus Gladiolus (Gladiolus hybridus hort)variety Arka Aayush  6
5 Bachelor's button Bachelor's button (Gomphrena globosa L.) variety AGS-3 6
6 Banana Var. Nendran Integrated Crop Management in Banana Var. Nendranin 7
7 Cassava of cassava mosaic disease resistant variety 7

Yard long bean

Cashew Nut Shell Liquid based botanical pesticide against  sucking pest management of yard long 7
9 Paddy UAV for foliar application in paddy 5
10 Pulses UAV for fertiliser application in pulses 5


ICAR CIFA CIFAX as a precautionary water quality management probiotic 5


Cage culture fin fish in open brackishwater creeks         (SAC recommendation) 



Integrated Fish-Duck farming

(SAC recommendation


Value addition of Goat manure by Effective microorganism (EM)composting method for Goat Farmers 6
15 Poultry  Growth performance of Gramapriya male Cockerel as Broiler source 5


 production performance in commercial layer hens by dietary supplementation of Panchagavya. 4
17   Dairy

Popularization of Bajra Napier KAU fodder variety Susthira for production performance in Dairy cattle

(SAC recommendation)
    total 96





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