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Start date:13/01/2020

End date:18/02/2020

Venue:KVK Kollam

Objective:Impart skill in nursery management activities to rural youth.



Start date:22/02/2020

End date:22/02/2020

Venue:Kareepra Krishi Bhavan

Objective:To equip the  community to produce healthy agriculture products for food and nutrition security.


Training on Farm Machinery and Nursery Management (Karmasena -Poruvazhy)

Start date:25/10/2021

End date: 05/11/2021

Venue:KVK, Kollam

Objective:To equip the technicians of Karshika Karmasena (Poruvazhy Krishibhavan) on  operation and maintenance of different farm machineries, bio input production and nursery management.

Topic: “Empowering vulnerable groups through value addition in fisheries sector” (Training cum demonstration on post-harvest fisheries under SCSP programme- Collaborative project-CIFT). (Second batch)

Objective: Empowering vulnerable groups through value addition in fisheries sector through capacity building programme

No. of participants: 10

Vocational Training on Operation and Maintenance of Tractor

Start date:23/12/2021

End date:29/12/2021

Venue:KVK, Kollam

Objective:To impart skill in operation and maintenance of tractor.

Training on Operation and Maintenance of Tractor

Start date:20/07/2021

End date:24/07/2021

Venue:KVK, Kollam

Start date:13/01/2020

End date:13/01/2020

Venue:Anayadi ,Sooranad

Objective:Equip  the PKVY  Farmers in Organic  farming.

Start date:20/02/2020

End date:20/02/2020

Venue:Nallila veterinary dispensary

Objective:To create awareness of mastitis and scientific practices of cattle rearing among diary farmers.


Start date:25/01/2020

End date:25/01/2020

Venue:KVK , Kollam

Objective:To equip twenty five  women in the family for setting up nutrition garden.


Vocational training on value addition of vegetables for maximizing income

Start Date: 29/01/2021

End Sate : 02/02/2021

Objective:To train farmers about value addition of vegetables for maximizing income.

About the event: Class handled by Smt.Shamsiya A.H (SMS, Home Science ).About 8 participants.

Training on Value Addition of Mushroom

Start Date: 25/08/2020

End Sate : 26/08/2020

Objective:To equip the mushroom growers on value addition for maximizing income.

Online Training on Zoonotic diseases of public health importance


Objective: Importance Rabies, Leptospirosis, Monkey pox ,African Swine fever, Anthrax in human health.
Common symptoms and their prevention and control.
Food borne zoonosis and its role in public health.

About the event: . Public awareness class on current zoonotic diseases in Kerala.Class handled by Dr. Parvathy S , Assistant Professor(Animal Husbandry). A  total of 25 participants attend the programme.


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Krishi Vigyan Kendra
Kerala Agricultural University
Sadananthapuram P.O
Kollam Kerala 691550