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Field Visit

Wed, 20/07/2022 - 12:59pm -- KVK Kollam

Visited the field of Shri. Samuel Panayil , an integrated farmer from Ayoor of Kollam District on 19.07.2022

Scientists Visited

Dr. Bini Sam , Professor and Head, KVK, Kollam

Dr. Lekha M, Assistant Professor (Plant Protection)

Dr. Saroj Kumar V, Assistant Professor (Horticulture)

Smt. Neeraja C. R, Assistant Professor (Agronomy)

Crop details:

Tropical horticultural crops including Butter fruit, Anona, Jack varieties, Guava, Mango, Tuber crops (Cassava, Taro, Arrowroot), Spices and Millets (Sorgham).

Other Enterprises:

Composting, Processed products from Tubers ( Arrowroot powder), Spices( Turmeric powder), Millets( Sorgham powder) and Fruit products ( Jack fruit chips).


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